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Apple Cider Granola | Fall Seasonal Flavor | Fresh-Baked, All-Natural, Small-Batch

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Bring this warm & comforting flavor to your next corn maze just in case you get lost.

Every bag of Sweetie Bee Bakes granola is fresh baked- nothing old & stale here. All my granola is all natural, with nothing processed and no refined sugars. You know, the way it should be. These aren't your average clusters either- half cluster, half bar- it's for you to decide how you want it.

Ingredients: oats, walnuts, sunflower seeds, maple syrup, honey, spices, canola oil, applesauce.

Allergy statement: All my granola does contain nuts and while I thoroughly clean all equipment between flavors, I cannot guarantee trace amounts of other nuts are not present.

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