Let's face it-

most granola out there is a snoozer.

It either still hangs on to that reputation of being a breakfast buffet staple during the days of Woodstock or it's a darling of the fancy yoga pants crowd with all sorts of frilly add-ins you never knew existed and never thought you needed (spoiler alert: you don't).

It either tastes like gerbil kibble or it packs so much sugar it rivals the jittery jolt (and later, the crash) of most kids' cereals.

And processed sugar at that; sneakily disguised by natural sounding names like "cane sugar syrup" and "brown rice syrup".

None of bad stuff or the fancy stuff, just the good stuff.

And who the heck likes crumbs?!

Except maybe when it's crumb cake! When you talk about getting crumbs, you're talking about getting the miniscule leftovers when someone else was too rude to share the good stuff.

Don't take that from your granola, too.

The clusters are The. Whole. Point. #showmetheclusters

You deserve better. And better is here. Like, right here.

Sweetie Bee Bakes is simple, straightforward, addictively-delicious granola. There's no junk, there's no fancy stuff; just the good stuff. It's only ever sweetened with either maple syrup or honey, most often a mix of both but juuuust enough to keep you coming back for more.

No, really. You might polish off the whole bag at once. You've been warned.

Fresh is always better.

Given the option, would you want a cookie that's 3 months old or 3 minutes old? And what better feeling is there than laundry fresh out of the dryer? You wouldn't want to drink day old coffee.

So why settle for granola that was made heaven only knows when?

All Sweetie Bee Bakes granola is baked to order- no stale, dusty stuff here. Yes, that means having some ordering logistics, but the trade off is well worth it. Trust me.

And the clusters. Oh baby the clusters.

Can you even call these clusters? Or is this a bar? Or maybe like a barster? Finally, a granola you can actually snack on.

It all gets rolled, pressed into a big sheet and broken up only small enough to fit in the bag.

(Full disclosure: I won't pretend like there are no crumbs. It is granola after all. There Will Be Crumbs #idrinkyourmilkshake. But all crumbs all the time is just not cool)

A snack that doesn't leave you feeling empty.

Let's be real- granola is not calorie free, but when you're hungry, there are far worse things you can reach for.

We've all been there when you end up eating way too many chips (or for me, popcorn) and you either feel like garbage or you end up somehow still hungry.

How about a snack that's delicious, you don't have to feel guilty about eating and actually takes the edge off your hunger so you can tame that hangry monster that's starting to come out? Ya, I thought so.

At the end of the day though, it's about people.

I won't bore you here with the story of my journey (you can read that here) but to sum it up and make it relevant, I wanted to a) create the company that I wanted to work for; b) share good food with good people and c) use this platform to connect and support other local & small businesses.

Yes, profits are necessary to keep a business running, but when you lose sight of your reason for starting and the people that are connected to your company, directly and indirectly, everything falls apart.

Sweetie Bee Bakes is still just me, and someday it will be more than just me. Honoring and celebrating those connections will always be at the heart of this brand and this company.

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