My Origin Story

Like so many others in 2020, I ended up suddenly adrift in joblessness when I got laid off due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

I had been working as an aide in a physical therapy clinic in Manhattan and starting to build a career in personal training that I thought I wanted after getting my certification in December 2019.

But getting the rug pulled out from underneath you makes you rethink things.

I've been a lifelong foodie, always trying out new recipes and tweaking old favorites. I've always been creative so while I still can't draw very well, cooking is one of my outlets for that. Not only has it been an outlet for my creativity but also an immense sense of comfort that I didn't know I needed, when the world changed in a matter of days. I still believe there's nothing better than a home cooked meal, whether it's by you or someone else.

It's then I started tinkering around with granola, making batch after batch, just because, with no intention to do anything with it, really. When I realized I was nearly eating the whole thing all on its own before I could even put it away, I knew I had something and I had to get some second opinions.

More than cooking, I love cooking for people I care about. Sweetie Bee Bakes gets to be an extension of that. I love getting to share good food with good people.

The name didn't even take that long- it's from the nickname my Dad has for me, who has been the biggest supporter of everything I've done, especially this.